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Manage Your Mobile Workforce with fieldconnect

How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Manage Your Mobile Workforce With Cloud-Based Technology

According to a recent global study, businesses that use digital management tools experienced a 67% increase in their overall productivity. They also observed a 43% increase in revenue growth, proving that mobile flexibility is the key to better customer service, performance, and profits.

If you want to deliver consistent results, build customer trust, and improve employee retention, managing your workforce remotely is a must. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of remote field service management and how you can use it to thrive during the pandemic and beyond.

Organize Schedules And Assign Tasks From Mobile Devices

Most field service workers use their own devices to keep track of schedules and accomplish job orders. But without an integrated and connected network, it can be difficult to monitor each dispatched technician and maximize your workforce’s productivity. If your team lacks organization, technicians risk booking duplicate timeslots, delaying dispatches, and losing track of their daily responsibilities.

An interconnected mobile system leaves less room for error. With an organized overview of schedules, you can make the most out of your workforce and deliver better customer experiences. Staff will also have instant access to job information at any given moment. 

With 24/7 mobility and connectivity, technicians don’t have to coordinate with back-office staff to verify customer information in the middle of a job. They can simply open up their app to check schedules, cancellations, special requests, and other important instructions.

Automate Billing And Payments With Intelligent Accounting Tool

Accounting is made simpler with intelligent billing and payment processing tools. Instead of manual data entry and physical bookkeeping, cloud-based systems record everything in a digital format, which allows for near-instant updates on invoices and sales. This also makes it easier for your accounting department to keep track of payments, follow up for unpaid invoices, and organize your important financial records.

Additionally, reducing paper usage in the office also makes checks and balances easier. With all the information visible through a single dashboard, every member of the team can keep track of job orders, billing statements, payments, and accomplished tasks. Managers will have no problem singling out discrepancies when they have a comprehensive overview of all the relevant accounting information.

Measure Technician Productivity With Daily Analytics And Device Tracking

Before you can improve technician productivity, you must have a way to measure and monitor how well your technicians are doing their job. This gives you insights into common delays, problems, and lapses in the company workflow.

With the help of automated analytics and device tracking, you can monitor the performance and productivity of each technician. This includes timestamps of when each job is assigned, in progress, or accomplished per technician. Each movement is recorded in a centralized database and displayed through easy-to-understand numbers and graphs. 

The dashboard gives you all the information you need to create and implement more effective customer service strategies. With everything available at a glance, managers can compare company metrics with the collected data. This helps you identify quick wins as well as the best opportunities for improvement. Based on these insights, you can simplify processes, adjust workflows, or add new protocols to ensure more cohesive, seamless operations.

Streamline Processes And Sync Data With A Centralized System

According to a survey, more than 90% of field service professionals claim that timely access to relevant data is essential for successful and efficient operations. However, only 34% of companies feel confident in their ability to enable wireless access on-the-go. 

It’s essential to give technicians the tools they need to diagnose and fix technical problems on their own, especially with time-sensitive jobs. Whether they’re working on repairs, maintenance, or installations, having mobile access to information helps technicians accomplish assignments quickly and up to standard. This also improves technicians’ successful first-time fix rate, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

FieldConnect: Manage Your Mobile Workforce Wherever You Go

Remote work is rapidly becoming a necessity among field service organizations worldwide, especially amidst the global pandemic. With the help of field service technology, you can manage your business from any mobile device while improving and monitoring processes. 

Our software handles everything from technician schedules and dispatches to automated accounting, reports, and analytics. FieldConnect has the power to sync all aspects of your business into one cohesive system – managing your mobile workforce is as easy as accessing your dashboard, whether you’re on the road or at home.

If you’re ready to future-proof your field service operations, FieldConnect is the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with us and request a demo today!

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