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Providing Superior Mobile Field Service Management Solutions Since 2002

About Us

Since FieldConnect was founded in 2002, the company has grown to be the leader in software solutions for Mobile Field Services providers. From family-owned and operated service businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations. FieldConnect has the solutions that make your field techs more efficient, reduce or eliminate paper from your workflows, and accelerate your invoicing cycles. With FieldConnect, you make a positive and lasting impact on your customer satisfaction levels, retention rates, profitability, as well as your top line.

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FieldConnect increases your productivity and capacity in any industry that provides mobile field services. We have been serving clients who provide field services to customers in a broad range of industries since 2002. We can adapt our solutions to any industry.

Our Complete Field Service Solution connects directly with your company database and gives you the full functionality of the ERP/Accounting Extension Module. Plus this replacement solution communicates with all of your related departments to integrate your field service team into the core operations of your business.

FieldConnect syncs wirelessly with your back office in real time. So, when your field service technicians can update account histories and billing logs, your ERP and accounting systems are updated right away. Technicians do not need to visit the office, and nobody has to wait for a batch syncing schedule.

Your technicians can work offline or at sites with poor wireless reception. FieldConnect will sync once it reestablishes the connection.

FieldConnect gives technicians visibility into a customer’s site and equipment history, allowing them to work more efficiently and ensuring they have the right tools and parts for the job, improving first-time fix rates.
With FieldConnect, your technicians can easily attach documents and photos to a service call while on site and in real time, which improves the customer experience, builds trust, and accelerates the billing cycle.
FieldConnect uses GPS data to monitor technician location, and validate history against service calls to eliminate billing disputes, monitor productivity, and ensure efficient dispatching.
With the FieldConnect customer portal, your customers can check their real-time status information about appointments and billing, all without creating extra work for your back office team. They have more independence, which gives them improved satisfaction, builds trust, and delays due to billing disputes.
Real-time connectivity allows your technicians to create accurate quotes from inventory stock levels and pricing, while they are still with the customer.
With FieldConnect, your choices are not limited to specific mobile hardware and software, you can work with your preferred equipment brands and vendors.
FieldConnect provides solutions that integrate with your ERP/Accounting System or your company database system, our solutions eliminate all manual processes such as double entry of information, which ensures accurate and up-to-date reporting.
No, with FieldConnect, you will save two hours per day per manager by eliminating manual time sheets. You can track technician time to the minute, and your technicians can make one extra service visit per week, which increases field services revenue by up to $10,000 per technician per year.
With a mobile field service solution from FieldConnect, you can add more service calls without adding more field service technicians and supporting staff.
With FieldConnect, you don’t have to worry about manually updating your field service workforce’s software since it is done automatically, saving time and cost, as well as reducing your IT footprint.
FieldConnect is easy to learn and use, improving field technician adoption, making the time and material capture process simple, and eliminating inaccuracies and errors.
FieldConnect enables your technicians to capture equipment, safety, compliance data through custom forms. A solution from FieldConnect automates how you handle compliance so you can meet and exceed all of your business and regulatory requirements.
Not at all, you can implement and begin using FieldConnect’s cloud-based mobile field service solutions with a small initial investment and a reduced IT overhead going forward.
FieldConnect’s robust reporting engine creates reports and dashboards that integrate data from multiple systems to help you measure, monitor, and improve the performance and profitability of your field service business.