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Electrical Service Management Software

FieldConnect software solutions for electricians. The right solution is the one that minimizes downtime and delivers the highest first-time fix rates. Mobile field service technicians equipped with a digital device and FieldConnect can conduct servicing and update accounts in real-time. They can respond to outages anytime and anywhere—with or without a wireless signal.


Electrical Service Management Software

Technicians using FieldConnect can quote additional services and take payments on their digital devices, order parts, and deliver customer service while on site. FieldConnect is easy to learn and implement, so experienced technicians often become its most enthusiastic advocates. Using FieldConnect can help produce timely and detailed service reports, increase visibility into the history of onsite installations/repairs/maintenance, document your own custom processes, and tie your workflow to job schedules.

Electrician Scheduling Software

Project Time entries and Labor Time EntriesElectrical services are at the core of our most vital resources. Technicians in the electrical service industry contribute to the safeguarding of economies, transportation, information, communication, media, hospitals, and a host of other frontline resources that undergird a community’s safety and health.

How Electricians Can Gain A Competitive Advantage With FieldConnect

Customers in the electrical service industry expect and require outstanding work on short notice. Every minute counts. Delays in repair can be costly for your client. Each minute a repair goes without service, it results in a loss of money. For all the time an electrical system is offline, the client stands to lose critical revenue. And the communities these clients serve stand to be without necessary services.

The provisions electrical service technicians provide are essential. And these services require the most advanced and reliable resources. Technicians need a field service solution that is easy to learn and gets the job done. A solution that will empower technicians to restore service, order components, and quote additional work on-site while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Using FieldConnect empowers companies to improve their operations, increase profitability, and build loyalty and trust with their customers.

Use FieldConnect To Solve Electrical Industry Challenges

electrical service industry challenges fieldconnect can help solveElectrical service technicians provide a critical resource that must respond to an array of changes and demands facing an ever-evolving industry.

Capturing accurate and timely information is one of these pressing challenges. Data must be monitored and transmitted as reliably and efficiently as possible to ensure fast responses. The transmission of this data manually has posed a particular challenge to providing expedient service. And the accuracy of this data has often been diminished by costly errors and avoidable mistakes.

Customer response is also of paramount interest to the field of electrical services. The customer is a central resource for the communication of issues and the service’s efficacy that responds to those issues. Equipping a customer with the tools to communicate quickly and clearly permits field service technicians to offer the right resources for first time repairs, and it assists in mitigating further issues with service.

In-field communication cannot be understated for electrical field service technicians. Real-time communication is now a necessity. And a diversity of communication techniques will empower management, technicians, and customers. Management needs to be equipped to offer direction on changes to service or appointments, and technicians require the ability to communicate on their resources needed or the evolving nature of their service.

Tracking and monitoring is also a core principle to efficient and productive electrical field service providers. Various points of innovation have evolved to offer the chance to track technicians and service in the field. This presents real-time information for management and customers, providing a sense of security and transparency on the services being provided.

At the top of any list of priorities for electrical field service providers is mobility. Providers need mobile field service solutions that work anywhere, regardless of wireless network connectivity. Technicians must be capable of responding to power supply outages quickly and maximize first-time fix rates for customers.

The power supply industry is a quickly growing and expanding industry. New technologies are impacting how electrical monitoring is being executed. Fluctuations to infrastructure are influencing the breadth and strategy needed for electrical service providers. And key initiatives, like net-zero energy, are transforming power supply and storage. Each of these changes presents new risks and challenges to downtime that require an innovative and intuitive response by electrical field service providers.

FieldConnect understands the challenges facing electricians in the industry and our software helps manage it all.