resource and time tracking within FieldConnect


Labor and Project Time Tracking

Capture costs while in the field, anyone within the app that’s part of a work order can capture labor, crew time, and materials in real-time while on the job site or later after the day is completed. FieldConnect also has the ability to manage time of an individual or an entire crew. At the project, site, or work order level edit time for managers, entire work crews, or the individual themselves. Time management, resource availability, and team progress has never been easier to track.


Create Purchase Orders Against Jobs

Technicians can create purchase orders against the current or upcoming jobs directly within the interface. Being able to create purchase orders assigned to jobs in field service software is important because it allows field service technicians to order the necessary parts and materials for a job while they are on site, rather than having to wait for approval from a manager or procurement department.

This can help to speed up the completion of a job and improve overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it can help to ensure that the correct parts and materials are ordered and received in a timely manner, reducing the risk of delays or mistakes.

Project Time entries and Labor Time EntriesManaging project time and labor time is critical in field service software because it helps companies optimize their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Field service companies often have multiple projects and service requests to manage simultaneously, which can lead to complex scheduling and resource allocation challenges. By managing project time and labor time in FieldConnect, companies can ensure that their technicians are working on the right projects at the right time.

Effective project time management allows companies to track the time spent on each project accurately, ensuring that technicians are not spending too much time on one project while neglecting others. This helps companies to complete projects on time and within budget, leading to improved profitability and customer satisfaction. It also enables companies to identify areas for improvement in their processes, such as areas where they could streamline their workflows or reduce waste.

Managing labor time in FieldConnect can help companies reduce labor costs by optimizing technician schedules and reducing overtime and providing real-time visibility into the status of projects and services, enabling companies to make informed decisions quickly. Also think of the improved communication and collaboration across the organization. Proactively manage workload, identifying potential scheduling conflicts or resource shortages before they become critical.

Managing project time and labor time in FieldConnect is essential for service companies to optimize their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs. By accurately tracking project and labor time, companies can improve efficiency, complete projects on time and within budget, reduce labor costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It also provides real-time visibility into the status of projects and services, enabling companies to make informed decisions quickly and proactively manage their workload.

The Benefits of Labor and Resource Tracking

work crew resource and time trackingThink of billing and invoicing. It’s paramount to an operation to accurately track the time and resources used on a job. This allows field service companies to bill their customers with precision while ensuring they get full payment for the work completed. And when it comes to resource utilization, track which resources were used on a work order so that the team can determine which were being utilized at maximium efficiency (and which ones were not). This will inform future decisions on resource usage and could lead to reduced costs.

Tracking labor and resources can also help to identify areas where jobs are taking longer than expected, where additional resources are needed, or where processes can be improved. This can help to improve job performance and overall efficiency. Also consider the scheduling and dispatching perspective. By keeping track of the resources and labor required for a job, companies can more effectively schedule and dispatch technicians, equipment, and resources on future job sites.

And in certain cases, compliance with regulations or certifications may require accurate labor and resource tracking. No organization wants to lose a government contract because they’re unable to accurately account for materials used, or total number of hours the work crew used to on phase 1 of a job. With FieldConnect, accurately track labor and resources of past, present, and future jobs.

Labor and resource tracking are important to have a complete overview of the performance and efficiency of your field service operations, in order to make data-driven decisions and optimize the use of resources.