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Commercial Equipment Services Software

With FieldConnect, you have solutions that transform your outside service operations. We connect your mobile field service technicians into your company information systems. FieldConnect integrates every stage of the field service workflow while our online service portal keeps your customers in the loop.


Commercial Equipment Management Software

Commercial Equipment field service technicians can check the status of orders, book service appointments, and answer billing questions without distracting your back office staff. Techs use FieldConnect and their digital devices to review assignments, order parts, document services, and update account history on site. The back office receives the data and automatically updates billing information in real-time. Techs can attach photos to document the equipment and its location for the record. FieldConnect is easy to learn and implement, so your experienced field staff will become FieldConnect’s most enthusiastic advocates.

Service Techs Using FieldConnect Gain A Competitive Advantage

commercial equipment service software

The Commercial Equipment Service and Repair industry has witnessed significant annual growth in recent years. Estimates indicate that the industry has expanded at an impressive rate of 5% per annum, with revenue figures approaching $40 billion. This consistent growth and substantial value present considerable opportunities for companies engaged in servicing and repairing commercial equipment.

Ensuring your business is equipped with the appropriate resources to support technicians and streamline operations is crucial for capitalizing on the immense potential of this industry. Servicing and repairing commercial equipment necessitate extensive skills and expertise from technicians. However, many opportunities can be missed if these sought-after technicians are not backed by proper management, resources, and information. With over 20,000 companies operating in more than 23,000 locations across the US, the service and repair of commercial equipment represent a lucrative but fiercely competitive market.

Securing and retaining the most skilled and proficient technicians is vital for maintaining a competitive advantage in this industry. Service and repair operations function more seamlessly with real-time connectivity and precise information. This industry relies on the core competencies of field service businesses. The daily tasks of technicians in this market are expedited with field service management solutions. Furthermore, the customer experience is significantly enhanced by implementing digital solutions that deliver accurate, error-free information when and where it is needed.

Facing The Commercial Equipment Industry Challenges Head On

commercial equipment tech challenges

The commercial equipment service and repair industry confronts numerous challenges arising from an evolving market landscape.

One of the fundamental tasks involves recruiting and retaining skilled and knowledgeable technicians. Workforce turnover presents significant risks to revenue and growth in an increasingly competitive environment. Once technicians are onboarded and trained, it is essential to provide them with the appropriate resources to facilitate seamless and successful job performance. Prioritizing the experience and success of each technician is crucial for maintaining a committed and dependable workforce.

In highly competitive markets, productivity is paramount for industry success. Identifying methods to enhance efficiency and ensure streamlined operations is vital for companies specializing in servicing and repairing commercial equipment. Boosting efficiency leads to reduced turnaround times and elevated productivity across all operations.

Seamless data sharing is integral to the efficient functioning of commercial equipment service providers. The array of equipment encountered by field service technicians can be demanding, presenting challenges such as tracking inventory, managing parts orders, navigating dispatch scheduling, maintaining repair and maintenance records, and locating scheduled equipment for service or repair.

Management Software for Commercial Equipment Repair Service Providers

These challenges pose risks to the customer experience, particularly as customer expectations continue to rise. In the fiercely competitive service and repair industry, customer satisfaction is the top priority for achieving success. Clients can easily become frustrated and dissatisfied due to a lack of clarity regarding service and repair statuses, as they rely heavily on their equipment for production and operations.

Moreover, the servicing and repair of commercial equipment entail numerous compliance challenges. Inadequate management of compliance requirements can have severe repercussions for businesses in the industry. EPA compliance forms for materials, such as refrigerants, introduce additional layers of complexity and paperwork. The risks and costs associated with service errors and duplicated work create burdens for field service providers that ultimately impact customers through increased expenses and delays.

Eliminate compliance and regulatory challenges by using FieldConnect.