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Clint Mathis – Employee Spotlight

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Clint Mathis – Employee Spotlight Name: Clint Mathis  Title: Sales Manager  Tenure at FieldConnect: 1 year, 1 month  What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am part of the sales team and have responsibility for the Western half of North America. I manage the sales process from first contact all the way through to [...]

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Dmitri Olney-Thorpe – Employee Spotlight

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Dmitri Olney-Thorpe – Employee Spotlight Name: Dmitri Olney-Thorpe  Title: Dev Ops Manager  Tenure at FieldConnect: 1 year and 3 months  What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am responsible for our Cloud infrastructure. I make sure that our Cloud environment is always up and running for our customers…the five 9’s reliability factor. I also do research [...]

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Frank Woods – Employee Spotlight

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Frank Woods – Employee Spotlight Name: Frank Woods Title: Business Development Manager Years at FieldConnect: 1 year What is your role, in a nutshell?  I work with existing FieldConnect customers to make sure that the solution is working well for them. I also talk to them about additional capabilities that they may not have purchased with [...]

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Samir Patel – Employee Spotlight

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Samir Patel – Employee Spotlight Name: Samir Patel  Title: Customer Support Engineer  Years at FieldConnect: 2 years  What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am part of the customer-facing team here at FieldConnect. I answer support calls and emails and resolve customers’ technical issues. If the issue is a software defect, I document that and pass [...]

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Martyn Fung – Employee Spotlight

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Martyn Fung – Employee Spotlight Name: Martyn Fung Title:  Software Engineer Years at FieldConnect: 6 months What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am on the development team here at FieldConnect. I work with a wide range of technologies, with a strong focus on ASP.NET initiatives, as well as connecting multiple data [...]

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Eddie Rivera – Employee Spotlight

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Eddie Rivera – Employee Spotlight Name: Eddie Rivera Title: Director, Product Management Years at FieldConnect: 9 What is your role, in a nutshell?  I help coordinate our product development and prioritize the schedule in the context of shorter-term customer needs and longer-term solution strategy. What is your current priority? Making sure our customers have [...]

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