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NEW! Subcontractor Portal


NEW! Surface Your Sub(Contractor)s




FieldConnect’s Cloud-based Subcontractor Portal is an online portal for you to manage your subcontracted work. The Portal is a secure, web-based tool where you can manage the business you do with each of the subcontractors you use and manage the work orders you send their way.



   Your service subcontractors
   into your workflow



   Surprises from delays and cost


   Timely invoicing of subcontracted


It’s easy to use. As the prime contractor, you input your work order (via portal if not integrated with through FieldConnect’s open API) and then have one or more Subcontractors bid the work. Based on bids and your business rules you can assign work and the subcontractor can accept work – all over the web!


Once the subcontractor accepts the work, completing it is a snap. The sub or the sub’s technician can complete the work order on any web-enabled device - even at your customer’s site on a mobile device. Once the work is complete, the business rules you set up make sure that the subcontractor bills you at the right labor rate and part cost. The subcontractor can even use an API to connect the portal to their own accounting system.


Best of all, the Portal lets you see in real-time what’s going on with your subcontracted jobs. For all of your subcontracted work orders, you can see the status through the portal from any web-connected device. To make it even easier, the Portal generates real-time email (or text) alerts to every work order status change the subcontractor makes.

The benefits from the subcontractor portal include:

  • Real-time visibility to subcontractor’s work

  • Accountability to the end customer

  • Faster completion and closure of the subcontracted job

  • No surprises of delayed work and lost overruns faster invoicing for subcontracted work! 

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