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FieldConnect provides the applications to ensure your organization operates optimally by integrating directly with Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, SL, and NAV, and Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline), as well as Viewpoint Construction Software.  FieldConnect solutions will reduce operating expenditures, safeguard assets, increase cash flow, enhance internal controls, ensure data integrity, and limit messy reconciliations.



The FieldConnect suite of solutions is directly integrated with your existing accounting system, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, project management, procurement, and payroll capabilities.   This integration ensures strong GAAP internal controls (only authorized, approved and balanced transactions are posted) and eliminates messy account reconciliations.  These applications track the expenses, revenue, assets and liabilities incurred by a service-based organization.  As with other transactions that are posted within your accounting system, FieldConnect enhances internal controls, data integrity, and limits reconciliations because entries are only made to approved labor codes, problem codes, part numbers, projects, work orders, and purchase orders that are set-up within the application.

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It is imperative that time and material costs be tracked and invoiced in a timely manner.  If not, income statements may show less profit, balance sheets may be overstated, and statement of changes in cash flow may be understated.  FieldConnect has more than a decade of experience seamlessly integrating your mobile workforce with your accounting software. 

The ultimate goal is to have these systems update the General Ledger so that Financial Statements can be generated when required.   Therefore data integrity from these systems cannot be questioned and financial statements will never be materially misstated.