HVACR & Mechanical

In the HVACR and Mechanical services industry, keeping your technicians off the phone and in the field pays dividends.  With FieldConnect mobile field service tools, technicians spend less time on the phone figuring out where to go next and more time servicing your end customers. With FieldConnect tools, technicians use mobile smart devices to complete work orders online reducing your billing cycle by weeks! Furthermore, FieldConnect offers new ways for your company to engage your customers and attract new ones.
Thousands of HVACR/Mechanical techs use FieldConnect every day and all FieldConnect solutions are Integrated by DesignTM , which mean your field data goes directly to your accounting system in real-time.

Steve Harvey Soefker Services & MSCA Board Member, “Before everything was manual to receive work orders and time from technicians. Paperwork would even be mailed in from home.  Invoicing was a process that was taking up to 60 days, now it is 72 hours, which is world class and totally has to do with FieldConnect.”

FieldConnect customers experience top-line benefit and bottom line savings by using FieldConnect mobile field service tools at each step of the service delivery process.


  • When your customer logs into FieldDirect to request service, the request is instantly available for the dispatcher or help desk to contact the customer and create a work order.
  • When the dispatcher uses FieldDispatch from their mobile device to generate a work order, your office has instant access to the work order through the ERP.
  • When your field technician uses FieldAccess to complete the work and get the customer’s signature, your back office has instant access to the work order detail and inventory changes for review and invoicing.

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