XOi Integration
Video and Imagery

FieldConnect Provides XOi Integration

In an effort to deliver more valuable solutions that continue to make FieldConnect the smart choice for field management business software, we’ve partnered with XOi to deliver our customers more groundbreaking features that help them achieve a higher quality work product.

XOI integration on mobile

XOi + FieldConnect = Communication Reimagines

When a project is complete and we need visual proof that a job has been handled appropriately, taking a photo or video is the most efficient method. However, attaching the photo or video to a job was a tedious task, especially when considering how many steps it took. Now, FieldConnect users can seamlessly upload high-definition photos and videos directly right from their mobile phone into the job itself thanks to XOi. Simply use the camera on your smartphone or tablet, take a photo or video and submit. It’s really that easy.


But photo and video aren’t only important for job verification. It’s an easy way to capture and record important product information like model numbers, serial numbers, inspection dates, and more. XOi has built-in Optical Character Recognition to help capture this information without the need to reach for a pen and paper. Using OCR, visual characters like words and sentences are scanned and then entered into the software — a truly “done for you” technology.

Automated Workflows

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: field service technicians are the lifeblood of any field service management business. When they’re in the field, it’s important that they’re able to complete jobs quickly in order to maintain a productive day and ensure customer satisfaction. XOi allows users to develop custom workflow sequences to make sure even multi-step data gathering processes go off without a hitch. For example, an HVAC tech needs to replace a certain part of the condenser. Companies can set up a sequential, step-by-step workflow that captures necessary visual data along with input fields to record the name of the part, the damaged part, any clearly written product information, and the completed job verification.

Completed Jobs

Anything captured through the XOi integration is seamlessly input directly into FieldConnect. That saved information is also searchable by a work order number, customer name, address, or any other customizable entry thanks to the power of custom tagging.

Powerful Tools,
High-Quality Work

The benefits of XOi’s visual communication and capturing capabilities allow technicians to reach new levels of in-field efficiency thanks to the power of remote diagnostics and site surveying. Newer technicians will also have access to rich photo and video material for training and on-site reference for training purposes.

Better Record-Keeping, Higher Customer Satisfaction

The ability to capture and record job progress or critical parts information is a relief to field service companies everywhere. We’ve all likely had to experience first-hand the consequences of losing crucial pieces of data. With the XOi integration in FieldConnect, businesses will be able to maintain better records thanks to the flexibility of capturing important job data wherever our technicians may be.

Remote Quality Assurance

Call center teams can now better handle the back-office processes of parts ordering or job dispatch. Using custom workflows, require technicians to capture each step of the service timeline to ensure successful job completions while keeping all teams accountable. This helps to eliminate the disconnect between in-house and in-field teams by centralizing data points.

Happier Customers

Thanks to XOi’s visual capturing capabilities, your FieldConnect jobs page will be an even bigger resource than ever before. Companies can maintain higher levels of customer satisfaction by collecting important visual data for every job. This allows parts to be ordered on time, job site issues to be remedied in a timely manner, and fewer customer disputes now that there’s an easy and efficient way to capture photos and videos of our jobs.

Your New Business Database

FieldConnect has always been a forward-thinking software company with many features that are simply not found with the competition. The integration with XOi now takes that statement and ramps it up another level with custom information databases. But these aren’t typical run-of-the-mill databases; companies can now create a new standard of information sharing complete with all the information a tech could ever need to successfully complete their job.

In-field Resources

Your techs will now have access to over 200,000 product and service manuals, diagrams, and wireframe models across every major manufacturer. Now teams of all sizes will have access to a knowledge base that’s specifically designed to make their jobs even easier and more productive. Additionally, these new databases can serve as a training guide for new employees. Companies can upload information-packed videos and photos of installations, in-field how-tos, and more.

Historical Customer Data

At FieldConnect, customer data has always been one of our biggest assets. With the combined power of our software’s industry-leading record management and XOi’s visual prowess, field service companies will now have even better customer records. Technicians who inherit more complicated jobs can reference rich historical data for any job, from any customer, at any time.

Accessible Everywhere

As a mobile-first company, FieldConnect has always strived to make capturing and inputting data as easy as possible. Our new partnership with XOi continues this tradition by making all of these rich data points and assets accessible and sharable across multiple organizations. If a technician’s mobile device goes down and they need to call into the home office, all team members will have access to all information. This allows interdepartmental information gaps to be eliminated completely.

Remote Collaboration and Diagnostics

XOi helps FieldConnect customers arm themselves with even more powerful tools to get more work done with Vision Live. This powerful tool allows anyone to create high-quality video or remotely communicate with teams from the back office to in-field.

Live Video Calling

Back office teams or more seasoned techs can reach out directly to newer less seasoned technicians for one-on-one video troubleshooting. Combining video calls with powerful knowledge databases, teams will always have access to job-centric collaboration and information anytime, anywhere.

Create New Video Trainings In-Field

All video calls using Vision Live are able to be recorded and uploaded directly into a company’s knowledge base. This allows team members to continuously provide accurate, real-world scenario training resources for future referencing or training opportunities.

Remote Diagnostics

Vision Live also allows customers to provide live on-site videos of current site conditions or to simply better explain an issue prior to a tech’s arrival. This helps teams fully prepare for whatever situation they might face on the job or gather particular parts prior to being dispatched. And best of all, utilizing Vision Live can dramatically increase a company’s first-time fix rate.

The FieldConnect Software Family

FieldDirect provides customers an easy-to-use access point to view and manage their own information. There are other features to help streamline your daily operations, improve workflow, and make managing large-scale field service businesses easy and intuitive.


Manage Field Service Technicians On-The-Go. FieldAccess is a mobile field service management software designed to heighten productivity and collaboration with employees throughout the organization.


Increase sales organically when technicians are on-site, assessing the situation, and in front of the customer. With FieldQuotes, your field service technicians can create new customer quotes for any service on-the-spot.


Never lose out on your billable hours again! FieldProject helps your technicians enter accurate project labor hours and more to seamlessly connect your billables with your ERP and payroll software.


FieldGateway provides field service dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators a single, modular portal for full web-enabled dispatching, planning, and scheduling field dispatching and resource scheduling capabilities.

Field Service Is FieldConnect w/ XOi

Managers gain more insight into field operations and can spot coachable moments in real-time. They’ll also be better equipped to address any work quality or performance issues to ensure techs are always operating at their full potential. And most importantly, customers will have an easier time explaining their service needs thanks to live video recordings of on-site conditions. They’ll also gain more confidence in knowing that field service technicians will be able to complete the job on the first visit.
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