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This FieldConnect SaaS Master Subscription Agreement SLA (“SLA”) governs the support services provided to Customers under the SaaS Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) entered between the Parties.  This SLA is deemed incorporated into the Agreement.  Capitalized terms shall have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

  1. Support Availability.FieldConnect maintains standard support hours between 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, Pacific Time excluding all public holidays. Support availability may occasionally deviate from published hours due to downtime for systems and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays, and events beyond FieldConnect’s control.
  1. Telephone Support. FieldConnect provides a telephone line to respond to support requests. The support telephone line is staffed during the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm PT Monday to Friday, excluding all public holidays. The phone number is 949.428.1540.
  1. Email Support. FieldConnect provides email support between 8:00am-5:00pm PT Monday to Friday, excluding all public holidays. The email address is
  1. After Hours Support. All voicemails and emails submitted after daily business hours or on weekends or holidays will receive a response during the next normal business day.
  1. Support IncidentsAn “incident” is (a) a single request, issue, or problem that a customer asks a support representative to analyze or resolve or (b) a product or ERP usage question involving a single topic.  Only employees and affiliates of Customers with administrative access to the FieldConnect applications are eligible to submit tickets. It is expected that end users of the software (for example, field technicians) would submit their requests to administrators who would then communicate that to FieldConnect in the form of an incident. Customers who do not have a current support contract with FieldConnect will not be eligible to receive support for any incidents.
  1. Response Time Target. For the purpose of response times, incidents are broken down into two categories, Critical and Standard. Critical incidents (P1) refer to times when you are unable to conduct business and need immediate assistance. Let us know that you need critical assistance, and P1 incidents are addressed before any other lower priority requests for support. Standard incidents (P2-P5) refer to times when you need assistance on how to perform business functions within FieldConnect’s software. Standard incidents are triaged and prioritized based on their priority level per the chart below.
Priority Ratings
P1 – System failure / work stoppage Application or key functionality is non-operational and customer has loss of productivity
P2 – Data loss/failure/corruption Transactions are incomplete or corrupt, or transactions are incorrect leading to loss of business-critical data tracking.
P3 – Loss of functionality Customer is unable to use some or all of a particular functionality and there is no workaround available so product is not adequately addressing their business needs.
P4 – Loss of functionality with workaround Customer is unable to use some or all of a particular functionality but there is a short-term workaround available.
P5 – Request Customer requesting additional functionality, assistance with product setup and administration, general inquiries

FieldConnect will attempt to respond to critical incidents submitted under a Standard Support Plan within 4 normal business hours. If a solution cannot be provided immediately, FieldConnect will provide ongoing communication of the analysis of the issue and what attempts are being made to resolve it. FieldConnect will attempt to respond to all standard incidents within 1 business day subject to variations due to downtime for systems and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays, and events beyond FieldConnect’s control. This section shall not be deemed a representation or warranty on FieldConnect’s behalf regarding the time within which a resolution, if any, may be available for any particular incident. No remedy is available for FieldConnect’s failure to meet the response time targets.

  1. Support Topic Limitations. Support inquiries are limited to the following areas: installation, updates and the standard functionality of FieldConnect’s Services. FieldConnect will also assist with basic connectivity troubleshooting only to the extent necessary to confirm whether such issues relate to software within FieldConnect’s control. However, FieldConnect shall not be responsible for connectivity issues caused by Customer’s or third-party services, service providers, hardware or software. The support plans do not cover inquiries on business practices, nor does it include application consulting or user training.
  1. Covered Items and Supplemental Charges. FieldConnect’s support plans cover only material defects in the FieldConnect Services. FieldConnect may or may not during the term of this agreement provide updates to the Services including, but not limited to, bug fixes deemed at FieldConnect’s sole discretion to be required.
  1. Uptime Commitment. FieldConnect shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Service Availability of 99% or higher as measured per calendar quarter using industry standard monitoring tools. Service Availability excludes: Regularly scheduled maintenance of the Service; any problems not caused by FieldConnect that result from (a) computing or networking hardware, (b) other equipment or software under Customer’s control, (c) the Internet, (d) other issues with electronic communications, or (e) a Force Majeure.; FieldConnect’s suspension or termination of the Services in accordance with the Agreement; Software that has been subject to unauthorized modification by Customer; negligent or intentional misuse of the Services by Customer; or “Beta” or “Early Customer” products, features and functions identified as such by FieldConnect. The 99% Service Availability is applicable only to production tenants (i.e. not test, training, or other non-production tenants).
  1. Changes to SLA. Customer understands and agrees that the SLA may be modified by FieldConnect from time to time.  FieldConnect will notify Customer of changes to the SLA.  Customer may object to such changes by providing written notice to FieldConnect within 10 days of FieldConnect’s notice.  If Customer does not object to the modified terms of the SLA within that time, the modified SLA shall be binding on the Parties.  If Customer objects to the modified terms of the SLA, the most recent version of the SLA to which Customer has not objected shall remain binding on the Parties.
  1. Remote Support.Unless otherwise specified all support will be provided remotely.  On-site services and support may be available at the then current prices.