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There are many industries not mentioned on this site that can benefit from a mobile field service solution from FieldConnect. If your company sends out field service technicians to customer sites, you can integrate the team more closely with your ERP/Accounting system. FieldConnect provides the resources to extend your field service capacity without expanding your team, delight customers with superior service, and capture operational and compliance data for more in-depth executive insights.

Mobile Field Service Challenges

Field Services Workforce providers must prioritize controlling costs and do more with less. Poorly documented service histories and duplicated data entry push up company costs and cause delays due to errors. At the same time, many industries are experienced greater compliance and reporting demands from regulators.

Your mobile field services company demonstrates its worth by delighting customers with prompt and professional service. Both commercial and residential customers appreciate transparent and accurate records for site service histories.

FieldConnect Solutions For Field Service Providers

Mobile field service solutions from FieldConnect can help Field Services Workforce companies adapt and expand in any industry. You can deliver outstanding customer experiences while connecting to back office support in real time and transforming how they provide service.

Customers log in to FieldConnect’s online portal check the status of orders, book service appointments, and answer billing questions without distracting your back office staff. Executives and managers create custom reports with FieldConnect to automate industry compliance reporting.

Field service technicians use FieldConnect with their digital devices on site to order inventory and update account histories. They can take payments and generate quotes for additional services. FieldConnect is easy to learn and implement, and experienced field service employees often become the solution’s most enthusiastic advocates.

The Frictionless Customer Journey For Field Service

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Commercial Equipment Tech Software Features

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Schedule & Dispatch

Validate technician time-on-site with GPS

Find lost time and increase billing credibility

Self-Service Portal

Customer Portal

Online customer portal with easy support

Self-service saves time and delights customers

reducing the need for paper

Eliminate Paper/Attach Files/Forms

No more manual time cards

Simplify supervision and reduce billing disputes

hour glass tipping

Track Time

Track billable hours to the minute

Capture more billable time and labor

Tablet and Phone Anytime Anyplace

Use Any Device/Easy to Use

Works with any mobile and desktop devices

Use your preferred technology brand

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Get Paid Faster/Invoicing on-Demand

Our Complete Field Service Solution connects directly with your company database and gives you the full functionality of the ERP/Accounting Extension Module. Plus this replacement solution communicates with all of your related departments to integrate your field service team into the core operations of your business.

Not at all, you can implement and begin using FieldConnect’s cloud-based mobile field service solutions with a small initial investment and a reduced IT overhead going forward.
With FieldConnect, your technicians can easily attach documents and photos to a service call while on site and in real time, which improves the customer experience, builds trust, and accelerates the billing cycle.

Real-time connectivity allows your technicians to create accurate quotes from inventory stock levels and pricing, while they are still with the customer.

FieldConnect’s robust reporting engine creates reports and dashboards that integrate data from multiple systems to help you measure, monitor, and improve the performance and profitability of your field service business.
FieldConnect’s robust reporting engine creates reports and dashboards that integrate data from multiple systems to help you measure, monitor, and improve the performance and profitability of your field service business.

FieldConnect manages the entire field service workflow, from initial bookings and dispatch, to service delivery and follow-up. Technicians receive everything they need to know about the customers, including names and account histories. Customers can follow the progress of their appointments online with the FieldConnect customer portal.

FieldConnect enables your technicians to capture equipment, safety, compliance data through custom forms. A solution from FieldConnect automates how you handle compliance so you can meet and exceed all of your business and regulatory requirements.


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