For Fire And Life Safety Service Providers

Fire & Life Safety Field Service Management & Job Scheduling

Maintain Compliance, Improve Efficiency

In an industry where compliance is paramount, Fire and Safety field service technicians need mobile field service solutions that support demanding objectives. The mission is to protect structures and save lives, but the business demands that you deploy resources efficiently, to succeed you must optimize your capacity while you delight your customers and navigate the regulations.

Specific Challenges For Fire And Life Safety Field Service

Fire & Life SafetyFire and Safety professionals face regulations at the local, county, state, and Federal levels. The inventory includes alarms and other equipment that must work reliably and conform to code. It must all be installed, maintained, and inspected to assure compliance, as well as provide vital protection to lives and property.

Complex compliance environments and the roll-out of IoT connected equipment guarantee ongoing changes at an accelerating pace. It is inevitable that field service providers that depend on outdated work order processes will fall behind the competition. Digital solutions bring too many competitive advantages to field service to ignore them any longer.

Mobile Solutions for Field Technicians

FieldConnect provides flexible mobile field service solutions that connect fire and life safety technicians to the necessary resources in real-time. Techs can order parts, update accounts, and attach photos of site and equipment conditions onsite. Custom reporting forms facilitate automated compliance reporting in the field to easily cover all regulatory requirements.

Fire and Life Safety service technicians use FieldConnect installed on their digital devices to order service, parts, and equipment. They do the job and update records quickly and get it right the first time. They can take payments and deliver customer service during a site visit. FieldConnect is easy to learn and implement, so your experienced inspectors and technicians will become enthusiastic advocates for delivering field service through their digital devices.

The Frictionless Customer Journey For Field Service

Commercial Equipment Tech Software Features

Increase Capacity

Increase service capacity without adding staff

Increase field service revenue and profit margins

Attach Files

Attach files and photos to service calls

Information transparency means

Locate Technicians

Validate technician time-on-site with GPS

Find lost time and increase billing credibility

Use Any Device

Works with any mobile and desktop devices

Use your preferred technology brand

Eliminate Paper

No more manual time cards

Simplify supervision and reduce billing disputes

Easy To Use

Easy to learn and use for all employees

Technician buy-in increases staff retention

No Updates

Software remotely updated without IT

Redeploy time saved as new field service capacity time

Use a Customer portal

Online customer portal with easy support

Self-service saves time and delights customers

Capture Signatures

Capture customer signatures onsite and online, instantly

Reduced billing disputes to get paid faster

Capture Everything

Simplify time and materials capture

Less workflow friction means greater cost savings

Track Time

Track billable hours to the minute

Capture more billable time and labor

Use Dashboards

Create custom dashboards for different roles

Clear oversite delivers decision-making confidence

Save Money

Low up-front investment cloud solution

Less cost and higher productivity for increased return on investment

FieldConnect enables your technicians to capture equipment, safety, compliance data through custom forms. A solution from FieldConnect automates how you handle compliance so you can meet and exceed all of your business and regulatory requirements.
With FieldConnect, your technicians can easily attach documents and photos to a service call while on site and in real time, which improves the customer experience, builds trust, and accelerates the billing cycle.

Real-time connectivity allows your technicians to create accurate quotes from inventory stock levels and pricing, while they are still with the customer.

With a mobile field service solution from FieldConnect, you can add more service calls without adding more field service technicians and supporting staff.


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