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Mobile Field Service Technician Management Software

Manage your Field Service Technicians with Ease

The goal of mobile field service solutions is to heighten productivity and collaboration with your employees, leading to increased customer satisfaction internally and externally. Successful field service coordination plays a critical role in customer satisfaction and retention.

FieldConnect has been enabling field service companies to communicate with their mobile technicians by electronically managing work orders, increasing the accuracy of scheduling and dispatching, and improving operational efficiency since 2002.

Mobile Access to Work Orders & More

The advanced solutions with FieldConnect’s FieldAccess mobile technician software, field technicians’ access, update, and complete electronic work orders, means getting the day’s assignments without making a trip into the office. With time and payroll solutions, technicians enter time electronically from the field which are reviewed and approved by a supervisor and updated in real-time. Because the data is updated instantly, you can expect faster time-to-invoice, error-free payroll, and improved cash flow.

Optimizing the Technician Schedule

FieldAccess reduces the technician’s back and forth between the site and the office, achieving more billable hours for your company. FieldAccess allows the technicians to remotely manage their scheduled work orders and enables the office to schedule last-minute calls by having visibility into available technicians’ location and schedule appropriately.

  • Mobile Jobsite Access
  • Improved Technician Efficiency
  • Schedule & Location Visibility

Proactive Impact

FieldAccess provides your company the advantage of a total mobile workforce solution by proactively automating your entire service delivery operation from dispatching and work order completion, time entry, and tracking, to service contract management and invoicing that expedite customer payment.

FieldAccess has introduced touchless customer signature on work orders to minimize exposure for both employees and customers.

FieldConnect Suite of integrated products

  • FieldAccess – Work order entries, forms, attachments, completed service reports, timesheet review, and approval
  • FieldGateway / Dispatch – Dispatchers, supervisors, and admin roles are able to create new service calls, dispatch, manage resource scheduling, mapping, availability
  • FieldDirect– Request new service, view service, and equipment site history, real-time work order status
  • FieldQuotes – onsite quoting solution, approval levels, quote report, convert to a new service call
  • FieldProject – Project, tasks labor entries, project report, attachments, forms

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FieldProject Software

Founded in 2002, FieldConnect enables organizations to leverage the power of mobility to enhance customer and employee engagement by providing anytime, anywhere access to information and resources.

Fully Configurable Mobile Workforce Management Software

FieldConnect’s FieldAccess is configurable to match your processes. And, entries you make in FieldAccess are written to your ERP. There is no “sync” process or update routine, and your data is reflected right away for anyone on your ERP.

FieldAccess benefits:

  • Capture touchless customer signatures.

  • Upload before and after images on work orders
  • Technicians have access to historical site information and pre-populated forms from the field
  • Technician can work in offline mode if no connection is available
  • Technician status changes are immediately updated for the back office
  • Mobile web application automatically scales to work across different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Use offline mode if no connection is available. FieldAccess automatically scales to fit your device – whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

**Some functionality not available on all ERP’s.


FieldConnect syncs wirelessly with your back office in real time. So, when your field service technicians can update account histories and billing logs, the company database and accounts update right away. Technicians do not need to visit the office, and nobody has to wait for a batch syncing schedule.

Your technicians can work offline or at sites with poor wireless reception. FieldConnect will sync once it reestablishes the connection.

With FieldConnect, your choices are not limited to specific mobile hardware and software, you can work with your preferred equipment brands and vendors.

FieldConnect’s Complete Field Service Solution connects directly with your company database and gives you the full functionality of the ERP/Accounting Extension Module. It eliminates all manual processes such as double entry of information, which ensures accurate and up-to-date reporting. Plus this replacement solution communicates with all of your related departments to integrate your field service team into the core operations of your business.

With a mobile field service solution from FieldConnect, you can add more service calls without adding more field service technicians and supporting staff.

FieldConnect is easy to learn and use, improving field technician adoption, making the time and material capture process simple, and eliminating inaccuracies and errors.

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