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FieldConnect helps organizations harness the power of mobile field service management to redefine employee and customer engagement.

The FieldAccess mobile work order completion application links fi­eld workers and office staff, minimizing the time between customer sign-off and invoicing. By connecting directly to your ERP system, FieldAccess integrates all service stakeholders- back office, dispatchers, technicians, and customers - with the same information at the same time. Built on HTML 5.0, the FieldAccess application is device agnostic – it eliminates the need for expensive hardware standardization for your ­field team.

FieldAccess mobile tech software













Benefits of field service management include:

  • Reduces the time between job completion and invoicing by 84%, improving cash flow

  • Increases applied field technician time by 12%, reducing discrepancies between the work that's done and the work that's billed

  • Gives technicians access to all site and asset history in real time, giving the field the power to work smarter

  • Speeds inspection procedure data collection and storage, improving traceability and compliance of field inspections over manual procedures

  • Simplifies field technician time entry and approval, leading to hard dollar and opportunity cost savings

  • Can operate off-line when the field technician has no data coverage and online for instant communication with the back office


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