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Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Hundreds of global organizations have chosen FieldConnect to help them leverage mobile workforce solutions to grow, compete and thrive.  Visionary companies ranging from medical imaging, industrial machinery, specialty contracting, IT and telecom, HVAC and mechanical contracting and property management rely on FieldConnect’s solution platform to deliver mobile workflows to their customers, employees and executives.

Powered by FieldConnect’s mobility workflow platform, with mobile workforce solutions our customers can

  • Grow their business by using mobility solutions to eliminate operational bottlenecks and drive revenue

  • Recruit and retain exceptional staff by providing them with the best technology

  • Delight customers and empower them to initiate and manage their service needs directly

  • Use mobility to consistently beat their competition in our ultra-competitive world

  • Out-perform their competition and retain every customer, year after year

Use iPads, Android and Windows tablets, laptops and smartphones with field staff to communicate effortlessly between the field and office, dispatch with surgical precision, instantly transmit billing information, effortlessly deliver completely accountable payroll and eliminate the quagmire of paper work orders and time cards.



Gain true visibility into all things service-related with the FieldGateway management portal.  This web-based, single-login portal is all things to all roles in the back office.  Dispatchers, payroll and accounting, service management, and the C-suite will gain access to job statuses and technician location, time cards, calendaring & planning tools, as well as reports tracking technician performance and revenue per technician.

Securely monitor the health of your service business from any web browser with online portals.  Grow your revenue, add recurring contract customers and renew every contract by leveraging portals as part of your new sales and renewal sales process.  FieldDirect is a secure, scalable web-based solution for dispatchers, management and customers requiring real-time access to your critical operational data, eliminating in-bound status calls, easing dispatcher duties and strengthening customer loyalty.

FieldDispatch is a secure, scalable web-based drag-and-drop, Outlook Style solution for dispatchers requiring real-time visibility into field operations to efficiently get the right people to the correct places and minimize technician time spent on the phone or waiting for assignment.  FieldDispatch provides a suite of tools for dispatchers to run efficient operations, and companies to recruit and train new dispatch staff quickly.

Never, ever miss an opportunity to follow up quickly, close business swiftly or hear about opportunities as they sunset or go to a competitor.  FieldQuotes creates a simple, easy-to-use electronic quoting process whereby field staff and sales people can quickly create a quote, management can review it, and customers can
approve it.  

Reduce the administrative burden associated with keeping track of partial billings, expense tracking and time keeping for projects.  Use iPads, Android and Windows tablets, laptops and smartphones with field staff to communicate effortlessly between the field and office and eliminate the quagmire of paper documentation.

Mobile Workforce Solutions - FieldConnect

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