Mobile Workforce Solutions

Web-Based Dispatch Software


FieldConnect helps organizations harness the power of mobile to redefine employee and customer engagement.

Give your dispatcher the tools to get the right technician with the right parts to the right job at the right time.


FieldDispatch provides web-enabled, drag-and-drop calendaring with a robust set of views, search capabilities, and scheduling tools to maximize efficiency in the field and at the point of dispatch.

 FieldConnect FieldDispatch

Use FieldDispatch dispatch-solutions to:

  • Mobilize your back-office to dispatch from anywhere, from any connected device, with this web-enabled solution
  • Simplify resource allocation with multi-view drag-and-drop calendaring for preventative maintenance calls, emergency rescheduling, and on-the-fly accommodation of new business.
  • Overcome service module scheduling limitations with multi-day, multi-week work order assignment capabilities.
  • Speed technician deployment by assigning jobs directly from the work order
  • Engage your dispatch team in troubleshooting customer calls with online access to customer, site and equipment work order history
  • Improve situational awareness with up-to-the-minute customer and technician mapping
  • Enhance customer experience - let your customers use their own web portal to make service requests on your electronic dispatch board.

FieldConnect FieldDispatch 












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