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Hundreds of global organizations have chosen FieldConnect to help them leverage mobile workforce solutions to grow, compete and thrive. Visionary companies ranging from medical imaging, industrial machinery, specialty contracting, IT and telecom, HVAC and mechanical contracting and property management rely on FieldConnect’s solution platform to deliver mobile time entry and mobile workflows to their customers, employees and executives.

Grow / Compete / Thrive

Grow your business by using mobility solutions to eliminate operational bottlenecks and drive revenue. Delight your customers by empowering them to initiate and manage their service needs directly. Use mobility to consistently beat your competition, exceed operational expectations and retain every customer, year after year.

FieldConnect Cloud

FieldConnect Cloud

FieldConnect Cloud combines our proven, on premise mobile workforce management solutions with the convenience of a monthly full-service cloud subscription. Even better, with FieldConnect Cloud, you receive a worry-free IT experience that is configured, managed and supported by technical experts at FieldConnect.


FieldConnect Cloud natively integrates with Spectrum by Dexter + Chaney, Vista by Viewpoint and Microsoft Dynamics GP & SL extending the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software driving productivity, increasing operational efficiency & effectiveness and igniting business growth. Benefits include:

  • • Lower upfront costs

  • • Secure, full access wherever you work

  • • Minimal IT involvement and investment

  • • Faster onboarding and ROI realization

  • • Extend your ERP functionality into the field and to customers delivering real-time communication


Mobile Field Tech Solutions – The FieldAccess mobile work order completion application links fi­eld workers and office staff, minimizing the time between customer sign-off and invoicing. By connecting directly to your ERP system, FieldAccess integrates all service stakeholders- back office, dispatchers, technicians, and customers – with the same information at the same time. Built on HTML 5.0, the FieldAccess application is device agnostic – it eliminates the need for expensive hardware standardization for your ­field team. FieldAccess mobile tech software Benefits of field service management include:

  • • Reduces the time between job completion & invoicing by 84%, improving cash flow

  • • Increases applied field technician time by 12%, reducing discrepancies between the work done and the work billed

  • • Gives techs access to all site & asset history in real time, with power to work smarter increasing first visit fix rates

  • • Speeds inspection procedure, data collection, and storage, improving traceability of field inspections

  • • Simplifies accurate field technician time entry & approval, leading to opportunity cost savings

  • • Can operate off-line when the field has no data coverage for instant communication with the back office


Online Management Portal – FieldGateway is management’s portal for visibility into all things service-related. For field managers and back-office staff in field service organizations, FieldGateway is the single, modular portal that introduces full web-enabled planning, and scheduling as well as instant access to job status and accurate tracking of field technician performance. All in a user interface made easy-to-use by drawing on more than 12 years of experience developing mobile field service software. FieldGateway provides the right field service information for the right back-office role, all with a single login. Benefits of FieldGateway include:

  • • Web-enabled planning, & scheduling capabilities (and dispatch with FieldDispatch)

  • • Real-time visibility into the status of any & all service calls

  • • Field technician performance and revenue generation reporting from the easy-to-use web interface

  • • Find and manage new revenue opportunities when your techs don’t have access to your CRM system

  • As with all FieldConnect solutions, seamless integration with your existing accounting system allows for real-time flow of info between the back office and the field. “The biggest benefit of FieldGateway is that it encompasses everything service-related, under one roof, for our 325 techs. Having FieldGateway work in concert with the FieldAccess mobile technician software gives us true visibility into not only where the techs are and what they are working on, but into our level of customer service. We are doing more jobs, more quickly, shortening our time-to-invoice, and gaining levels of efficiency in dispatching. We feel the combination of FieldGateway and FieldAccess has us on the road to true profitability in every service call.” -Mark Nokes, National Field Service Support Manager, Airtron Canada


Customer Self-Service Portals – FieldDirect is a secure, web-based, customer self-service portal to track work orders, equipment history, and request service. FieldDirect empowers your customers with 24/7 access to real-time service call, work order and invoice status, building loyalty and reducing service delivery costs. FieldDirect customer portals Benefits:

  • • Use FieldDirect as a sales tool to win new contracts and renew your existing ones

  • • Free up your dispatchers allowing your customers to request service without ever picking up the phone

  • • Entrench in your customer’s business giving online access to work order status & maintenance history


Web-Based Dispatch Software – FieldDispatch gives your dispatcher the tools to get the right technician with the right parts to the right job at the right time. FieldDispatch provides web-enabled, drag-and-drop calendaring with a robust set of views, search capabilities, and scheduling tools to maximize efficiency at the point of dispatch and in the field. FieldConnect FieldDispatch Use FieldDispatch dispatch-solutions to:

  • • Simplify resource allocation with multi-view drag-and-drop calendaring

  • • Overcome service module scheduling limitations with multi-day, multi-week work order assignment capabilities

  • • Speed technician deployment by assigning jobs directly from the work order

  • • Engage your dispatchers in troubleshooting with online access to customer, site & equipment work order history

  • • Improve situational awareness with up-to-the-minute customer and technician mapping

  • • Mobilize your back-office to dispatch from anywhere, any connected device, with this web-enabled solution


Field Quoting Tools – FieldQuotes is your field technicians can be your most effective salespeople. Upsell and drive service department revenue with mobile quoting! FieldQuotes lets field technicians and sales staff quote and close new and add-on business when they’re with the customer. FieldQuotes connects directly to your back-office ERP system pulling information from rate tables, inventory lists, and approved contract pricing. FieldQuotes ensures a fast and accurate on-site service quote, freezing out competitors who would otherwise be able to submit a bid.

  • • Empower technicians to quote add-on business on the job site

  • • Eliminate paper-based quotes for your service sales team

  • • Approval workflows based on your rules

  • • Ensure that quotes comply with pricing established in your ERP with minimal back office involvement


Project Time & Equipment Tracking – FieldProject creates a real-time link between office staff and field workers using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. FieldProject integrates with your ERP to capture project time for individuals, crews, and equipment from any web-enabled mobile device. The tool also enables mobile project activity documentation including daily logs, pictures, video, task notes, custom forms, and signatures all with a direct connection through your ERP project module to the projects you track. With FieldProject, your field team can review and manage active jobs, project history, crew time tracking, mobile form entry, material costs, and equipment assignments, all from their mobile device.

  • • Simplify all communications with online project details on any active project phase from web-enabled devices.

  • • Eliminate duplicate data entry – enter project notes one time for everyone to see and review from anywhere.

  • • Eliminate paper-based customer and project specific forms capturing form data in a reportable SQL database.

  • • Drive accountability for your team and your customer with digital signatures and on-the-spot reporting.

  • • Improve billing accuracy by assigning the right inventory to the job and tracking equipment usage, at the job site.

Subcontractor Portal

Surface Your Sub(Contractor)s END-TO-END VISIBILITY FOR LESS FieldConnect’s Cloud-based Subcontractor Portal is an online portal for managing your subcontracted work. The Portal is a secure, web-based tool where you can manage each of your subcontractors as they accept and complete the work orders you assign or put out to bid.

  • Integrate

    Your service subcontractors into your workflow

  • Eliminate

    Surprises from delays and cost overruns

  • Achieve

    Timely invoicing of subcontracted work It’s easy for you to use – and easy for your subcontractors. As the prime contractor, input your work order and then offer it to one or more Subcontractors to bid the work. Based on bids and your business rules, you can assign work and the subcontractor can accept work – all over the web! Once the subcontractor accepts the work, completing it is a snap. The sub or the sub’s technician can view and complete the work order on any web-enabled device – even at your customer’s site on a mobile device. Once the work is complete, the business rules you control make sure the subcontractor bills you at the right labor rate and parts cost. The subcontractor can even use an API to connect the portal to their own accounting system. Best of all, the Portal lets you see in real-time what’s happening with your subcontracted jobs. For all of your subcontracted work orders, you can see the status through the portal from any web-connected device. You can also choose to have the Portal generate a real-time email (or text) alert for every work order status change the subcontractor makes. Some of the many benefits of the subcontractor portal include:

  • Real-time visibility to subcontractor’s work

  • Accountability to the end customer

  • Faster completion and closure of the subcontracted job
  • No surprises of delayed work and cost overruns
  • Faster invoicing for subcontracted work!

    Surface Your Sub(contractor)s. Contact us today!

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