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Minimize risk with integrated software
18th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
Businesses succeed when good decisions are made. Good information leads to good decisions. The right integrated business software solution can provide you with that information and minimize your risk on a daily basis. Let’s say a subcontractor’s insurance has expired. This is information a construction business owner who has hired that subcontractor needs to know. With the right integrated software system, you are alerted if the insurance is not up-to-date. Then you can hold payments until the insurance issues are cleared up. Another risk common to construction companies is the chance of equipment damage. Equipment is at the center of construction – operating without it makes completing jobs an impossibility. Are you keeping up with which employees are trained on what? Do you know that you have the best insurance coverage on your fleet? The right software will show you your complete coverage at any time. And problems can be reported instantaneously. What about employees? Even with the best training, there is a risk of injury on any worksite. This kind of incident can quickly…
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Such Great Heights: The 5 Tallest Buildings of the Year
16th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
We’re no strangers to massive projects and complicated jobs. Our software suite is designed to help businesses like yours operate seamlessly no matter how big or small a job. When your project is nearing completion, Viewpoint construction software already has all of your documents, spending, payroll, equipment, and more in one place, organized and ready for you to finish out the job. Predicting top-outs is not a perfect science. Weather, financing, delays, and more can affect when a job comes to completion no matter how small or tall a build is. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat tracks all the data, compiling the who, what, when, and where of the tallest structures in the world. If you need some inspiration to push through the last weeks of summer, learn more about five tallest building projects aiming for completion in the next year. Wuhan Greenland Center Wuhan, China Height: 2,087 feet For wind resistance, the Wuhan Greenland Center features a tapered body and domed top. The Wuhan Greenland Center will be China’s third tallest…
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Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday
10th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
Jobpac Connect will be unavailable on Sunday 13th August 2017 between the hours 7pm-10pm AEST. The Jobpac Connect software will be updated. Refer to Release Notes for fixes and enhancements The post Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.
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Introducing Our New Blog: Viewpoint Surveyor
9th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
It’s been a busy summer here at Viewpoint: We announced our exciting acquisition of Dexter + Chaney, a leader in cloud-based ERP software. Viewpoint’s Enterprise Cloud platform launched as the next generation of construction software. Our team has been on the road at trade shows, conventions, and seminars. We rolled out updates and enhancements to Field View, ProContractor, and Vista. We even unveiled a new company logo! But we aren’t done yet. Welcome to Surveyor, Viewpoint’s new blog that looks beyond the surface of the industry. Everything you know and love about Viewpoint’s blog is still here; now it’s been optimized for easier searching and readability. Surveyor gives us a unique opportunity to share news, updates, state of the industry content, and best practices. Our most popular posts are featured under a new sidebar for quick and easy access. The updated layout organizes our posts into seven categories, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, explore topics, and dive deep into your business needs and interests. In addition, you can search…
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Don’t get left behind - 3 ways to enhance your customer service
9th Aug 2017 Microsoft Dynamics
Switching banks used to be a laborious ordeal, but today it can be done quickly and easily. It also doesn’t take much to convince a customer to switch—36% of consumers say the primary reason...
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Delivering exceptional customer experiences - an art and science
8th Aug 2017 Microsoft Dynamics
Interacting effectively with customers has traditionally been a form of art, especially in face-to-face settings. But now that customers are increasingly shopping on social media, mobile apps, and websites...
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The Importance of Getting Organized
8th Aug 2017 DexterChaney
We’re a little more than halfway through 2017, and I can say without a doubt that this has been one of the busiest, most frenetic years on record for me—both in my professional and personal life. In my professional life, new projects, planned initiatives and unexpected fire drills have kept me more than busy. Outside of my career, unexpected life stresses, new opportunities and sudden about-face changes have not let me get a moment’s rest.
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Digital transformation in retail via third-party integration
7th Aug 2017 Microsoft Dynamics
By Ed Kennedy, Senior Director and Commerce Evangelist, Episerver As more consumers are shopping and doing product research online, most retailers know that digital channels must become a part of their...
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Canberra Product Roadshow – Register here!
7th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
Next stop Canberra for the 2017 Product Roadshow on August 16th. Join us at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, 120 Commonwealth Avenue, for lunch and an afternoon of product presentation and open discussion. See what’s new in Jobpac Connect and what’s next on the Roadmap. Find out about our integration plans to Viewpoint Field View and what has already been delivered. Click the link below to register of if you have any questions regarding the event please contact your account manager. Click here to register The post Canberra Product Roadshow – Register here! appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.
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Better logistics with integrated software
4th Aug 2017 Viewpoint
When a job is going wrong, when do you know? Too often, construction business owners find out too late that something has gone awry. No one wants to tell the boss that they are about to lose money on a job. But for the boss, finding out sooner is undoubtedly better. Critical information isolated in technological silos prevents efficient problem-solving and planning. Off-the-shelf solutions and spreadsheets make information difficult to retrieve and share. Often, estimating, accounting and project management are handled through different systems. The lack of coordination leads to misunderstandings, frustration and mistakes. This can lead to bigger problems. Problems that directly lessen the profitability of projects. Here are a few common logistics issues: Construction companies can omit invoiced items. At the end of a project, there are write-offs for items that were never billed to the client. This money is lost to simple oversight. Those kinds of errors can be eliminated with an integrated software solution. Change orders can delay the process. The ability to see pending change orders and approve them quickly…
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Bring Health and Wellness to Your Construction Business
2nd Aug 2017 Viewpoint
From project management to estimating, Viewpoint helps companies like yours be successful in many ways. Our suite of software makes it easy to professionally present yourself and keep tabs on jobs, equipment, and team members. But running a construction company isn’t just about getting bids, staying under budget, and bringing in revenue. It’s also about keeping in tune with your employees whether they work in the office, in the field, or as part of the on-site team. Health and wellness in the construction industry isn’t something that’s regularly discussed and when it is, usually focuses on safety and prevention. While that’s part of it, employee health and well-being can often be overlooked in construction. When employees are in shape and feel mentally supported, they’re less likely to injure themselves and stay productive. Some construction workers embody the “too tough to worry about it” mentality with the attitude that nothing bad could happen to them. It’s important to make it clear that as an employer you want them there and that you’re invested in them as…
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New services for Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 help accelerate user adoption
31st Jul 2017 Microsoft Dynamics
Following the successful debut of Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 earlier this year, new services have been added to expand the way customers can embrace digital transformation and accelerate their...
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Field View Defects and Site Instructions now Integrate with Jobpac Connect!
31st Jul 2017 Viewpoint
Use Viewpoint Field View to collaborate on Defects and Site Instructions in the field and integrate seamlessly back to Jobpac Connect. We are pleased to announce the second of our Field View Integration Roadmap items is now available! This will allow Defects, Site Instructions & NCR’s captured in the field using Field View on your mobile device, to be immediately visible in Jobpac Connect’s new Defect-SI Register. From there, using the information captured on the Defect or Site Instruction, you can easily… Create Subcontract Variations Create Forecast Cost PMW Items Launch Field View Documents directly from Jobpac Link defects to SC Claims to support the Claim Detail (phase 2) Together with the recent Field View Time Sheet Integration, the easy flow of data between the Office, Team & Field is more efficient and more accurate than ever. The Integration journey continues with Field PO Requisitions and shared contacts coming soon. Contact your Viewpoint Account Manager for more information or a demonstration. The post Field View Defects and Site Instructions now Integrate with Jobpac Connect! appeared…
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The Labor Shortage Rebound
28th Jul 2017 DexterChaney
How smart companies regain & retain skilled talent in the construction industry The skilled labor shortage spans several major industries in the United States (and overseas)—a trend that has hit construction particularly hard in recent years. During the Great Recession, the construction industry hit some low lows, but along with the problems of a declining economy comes the hope of an eventual recovery. The construction industry achieved a notable resurgence this year, with growth across commercial and residential projects, including roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.
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Seeking Vista 6.15 Beta Testers!
27th Jul 2017 Viewpoint
We are pleased to announce that numerous exciting enhancements are coming in Vista 6.15, including significant performance and usability improvements, suggestion box ideas, a new Vista Accounting Work Center, and additional Service Dispatch Board improvements. The Vista 6.15 Beta program will begin in a few weeks and we are recruiting participants right now. As you know, Viewpoint is committed to releasing the highest quality products possible, and a robust Beta program is central to meeting this goal. We need your participation in our Beta program to maximize its effectiveness! Your Benefits When Participating in the Vista Beta Program:  Early access to the most advanced construction software on the market Opportunities to shape the Vista product to meet your business needs Priority support assistance To participate in the Vista 6.15 Beta program, contact Paulo Limgenco or Brad DiGiovanna today!     The post Seeking Vista 6.15 Beta Testers! appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.
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