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What’s That On the Horizon?

What’s in Store for the Field Service Industry?

What’s just over that hill, or around that corner? Our curiosity to learn what’s ahead helps guide a lot of decisions we make, whether in our personal lives, or professional ones. Here are a few trends that we’re seeing that we think you might find interesting and that will be compelling in the near future.

Big Data, Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality Are Here

Early efforts that companies have made to better capture and manage the information that drives decision-making are now poised to bear fruit. By having a cohesive data and information management approach, businesses can look at trends in the data and can now extract some meaningful insights. Furthermore, this information can now be served up to a mobile workforce via traditional mobile devices, as well as wearable systems, such as goggles, or specialty glasses, helping to quickly pinpoint the issue that field technicians are trying to resolve. The wearable devices can also access a vast repository of schematics, performance data, and other information to help technicians complete their work.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Have An Impact Sooner, Rather Than Later

Our initial thinking suggested that software providers would drive the adoption of a network of connected devices. The truth is, we now think that manufacturers will be the ones that bring this trend to fruition. New equipment that is installed in industries such as HVAC, Construction, and Facilities Management will come standard with connectivity for IoT, at no, or minimal, additional cost. Adding these capabilities to a non-IoT conforming piece of equipment, or retrofitting for installed equipment with a lifespan that warrants the effort, will be a fraction of the IoT readiness efforts, as the capabilities will already come standard on assets that benefit from monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Accessible Artificial Intelligence Is Not That Far Away

Far from being a distant pipe dream, AI is already being put to use in a variety of ways, from placing advertising to piloting self-driving cars. While not 100% reliable in every scenario, AI has come a long way in a short time. While you might not yet be in a position to initiate an artificial intelligence pilot project at your company today, we expect that the technology will be embedded in many software solutions in the near future. This trend will make AI cheaper and easier to deploy, with an expected rapid return on AI investments when applied to the right business problems.

FieldConnect—Designed To Be Future Proof

While you may think that these newer technologies are a ways down the road, as the saying goes “objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear.” Rest assured that FieldConnect is already working on ways to seamlessly integrate these technology advances into our field service management solution. When applied appropriately, we feel that these up-and-coming technologies can deliver significant additional value for the companies that deploy them. Our ultimate goal is making sure that your investment with us today will continue to deliver value well into the future.

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