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Way Engineering Replaces Paper-based Field Service Processes with a Completely Digital, Web-based Mobile Field Service Solution by FieldConnect, Inc.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB)November 08, 2016

Way Engineering found powerful field service management software to replace their antiquated paper information flow between their field and back-office teams. Their objective was to evolve their processes to an agile system, and they found it was easier than expected. The new field service management solution drives productivity and efficiency in field workforce performance far beyond the potential of a paper-based environment.

“As far as the guys that make us money, our service technicians, they all seem to enjoy it. At first, as with most things in life, the change from a written to a digital ticket wasn’t something they seemed exactly fond of. As we’ve grown as a department and they grow comfortable with the software, it has been much easier. They are beginning to use the tablets much more effectively.” says Joe Watson, Project Engineer for Way Engineering.

Web-based solutions enable real-time information flow, so field and back-office teams see the same information at the same time. FieldAccess, the mobile work order completion application, allows field employees to supply data to the back office immediately – and enables the office staff to help the field be more productive. Way Engineering was able to transform field service management operations from reactive to predictive.

Joe Watson comments: “We can match up hours through FieldAccess and FieldTime and hold our technicians more accountable with their time as well as with their paperwork. FieldAccess helps the office to be more fluent with invoicing, billing and payroll.” Impacting their business positively, Way’s customers reap the benefits! Joe adds, “Several customers have made comments about the ease of use and professionalism that the software offers. In these aspects, it helps our current growth and as word spreads, our future growth in a very competitive market.”

With the easy transition from paper to field service management software, Way Engineering gained even more than expected. Receiving extraordinary service with full engagement making the switch an effortless experience, Joe goes on to say, “As far as my experience with the staff at FieldConnect, it has been exceptional. Wait times on things are virtually nothing in comparison to other software companies I’ve dealt with in the past, and that is a huge plus. When we’ve had problems, response times from the team at FieldConnect have been very quick, sometimes handled within thirty minutes to an hour. The one big problem we had was an update that for some reason caused our purchase orders not to work properly. Fixed in less than 24 hours of notification! It was unfortunate that the update caused the problem, but the support we receive is top-notch, and we are back to work the following day!”

About FieldConnect

FieldConnect is the leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions to field service businesses.
Our innovative and intuitive mobile workforce management solutions transform field service businesses by creating operational efficiencies, improving customer experience, and providing real-time information available anytime, anywhere. FieldConnect’s powerful solutions leverage the many benefits of cloud-based computing including efficiency, flexibility, and strategic value. As a strategic partner to Microsoft, Viewpoint/Dexter + Chaney, Sage, and others, our mobile workforce management solutions extend the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, driving productivity, streamlining operations, and delivering business growth.

About Way Engineering

Way Engineering’s quest for building excellence began in 1918 when the modest but dedicated refrigeration business opened its doors in Houston. Way Engineering, Ltd. Is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced mechanical contractors. We specialize in commercial air conditioning, plumbing, piping, and the maintenance of these systems. Way Engineering is at the forefront of design-build/design-assist, pre-construction, commissioning, building information modeling, and quality control.

McCorvey Companies purchased Way Engineering, LTD. on December 3, 2012. It was an exciting venture for everyone involved. The company relocated to 8610 Wallisville Rd, Houston, TX. With new offices, more warehouse space, and new state-of-the-art machinery, Way Engineering is stronger than ever. The Way’s commitment to building excellence began 96 years ago and McCorvey Companies will continue that excellence into the future.


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