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Samir Patel – Employee Spotlight

Samir Patel – Employee Spotlight

Name: Samir Patel 

Title: Customer Support Engineer 

Years at FieldConnect: 2 years 

What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am part of the customer-facing team here at FieldConnect. I answer support calls and emails and resolve customers’ technical issues. If the issue is a software defect, I document that and pass it along to the development team. If it’s something else, I walk through the issue with the customer until we get it resolved. I also work on updates – both from us, as well as the partners we integrate with. About half of my workload is related to issues that come up related to our software, and the other half usually has something to do with one of the ERP systems we integrate with. 

What is your current priority? My current priority is getting the support tickets closed as quickly as possible. I realize that our product plays an important role in our customers’ business and that keeping everything up and running is critical. I always follow up with customers, as well, to make sure that everything is working smoothly after resolution. 

What does a typical weekend look like for you? I am usually spending time with my family. They like going shopping and going to malls, so that’s often where you’ll find me. Otherwise, you might find me gardening. 

Something about you that no one would guess: I am a sports nut. I’ll watch almost any sport, as long as it’s legitimate. So, I’m not a big fan of the WWE and other pseudo-sports (sorry, WWE!). 

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