Martyn Fung – Employee Spotlight

Name: Martyn Fung

Title:  Software Engineer

Years at FieldConnect: 6 months

What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am on the development team here at FieldConnect. I work with a wide range of technologies, with a strong focus on ASP.NET initiatives, as well as connecting multiple data sources and incorporating additional Microsoft tools, such as PowerApps. Given that we have embraced a cloud-based approach, I also do a lot of development for Microsoft Azure around managing our applications, permissions, and Web APIs.

What is your current priority? We are working on the next major evolution of our solution, so I’m working really hard to get my part done. It mainly involves feature parity with the existing solution, then extending that functionality through our new architectural approach. We use the agile methodology for our development, so I always want to hold up my end of the effort when we’re all in front of each other at the scrum meetings.

What does a typical weekend look like for you? It’s good to let your mind relax after an intense week of development, so I enjoy hanging out and just relaxing with friends. I do a little hiking, too. We’ve got some great spots here in SoCal where you can hike a little ways and suddenly feel like you’re a thousand miles from civilization. We’ve had a lot of rain this winter, so everything is looking really green!

Something about you that no one would guess: I grew up in Scotland for the first 10 years of my life. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of that is that I have never eaten haggis and I have never worn a kilt!

Martyn Photo