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Digitizing Field Service Management To Improve Customer Retention

How To Increase Customer Retention Through Field Service Management Software

Digitizing Field Service Management To Improve Customer Retention

Empowering your customers is key to inspiring loyalty among them. This loyalty, expressed as customer retention, comes with very measurable benefits – retaining an additional 2% of your existing customers can yield similar results to cutting costs by 10%.

Providing this empowerment means that you must upgrade your customer service to respond to your customers’ needs, not just react when they have problems. In fact, 95% of customers expect proactive, not just reactive communication from the companies with whom they do business. For field service, this means personalizing how you provide service, giving them faster and more convenient access to technicians, and ensuring that they have all of the information they want, whenever they need it.

How do you provide this empowering experience to your own customers when providing field service support? In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that digital field service management platforms can empower your customers and create repeat business for your company. We’ll also demonstrate how our own solution, FieldConnect, can help you provide this empowerment.

Set Up Self-Service Portals To Give Customers Easier Access To Support

There’s no doubt that quality customer service is critical. However, in some cases, empowering the customer means giving them the freedom, information, and control to perform certain tasks themselves.

This can easily be done with field service software that features self-service portals. Customers will be able to request a service order or site visit at the touch of a button, without having to call your support hotline. They’ll also be able to modify their account details without going through support.

By providing on-demand access to many of their most frequent tasks, customers can feel independent. It also frees up your service staff from these requests. Additionally, users are free to request service or information 24 hours a day, even if you do not provide round-the-clock support. This is especially helpful for customers who work on international timetables or mission-critical systems.

Use Analytics And Feedback To Improve Your Personalized Service

One aspect of empowerment that service providers should take note of is personalization. Customers who experience highly personalized service feel that their needs are being addressed – sometimes even before they express them – and this, in turn, makes them more likely to return to your business when they have further field service needs.

To achieve this degree of personalization, you must collect data about your interactions with each customer. Digitizing your processes with field service management software gives you that data, providing you with a wealth of insights about how your team fulfills each request.

With these analytics, you can suggest optimal service visits to customers based on their preferred times, schedule regular maintenance based on their needs, and even send their favored technicians in order to build relationships.

You also want to consider your customers’ suggestions. Most software options will allow you to request feedback after every site visit. Take everything they say into account, and use data to gather insights on what they don’t say, but would prefer.

By creating a customer experience that encourages feedback and actually listens to it, your customers will feel like they have contributed to your processes and will be more likely to continue seeking that level of service.

Ensure Your Customers Are Kept In The Loop With Their Service Requests

Another part of customer empowerment is allowing them to check in on their service requests so they are always aware of the status of each request. Having this ability means that they won’t need to keep calling back to follow up, and they can also check on their maintenance history as well for their own purposes.

FieldConnect | The Key To Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

To ensure customer retention, you must choose a digital field service management solution that represents a continuum of customer empowerment – a single suite that features self-service portals, feedback and analytics, status updates, and easy access and management of customer information, all while offering all of the benefits of digitizing your mobile workforce management.

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