Extend the Capacity of Sage with Field Service Management Solutions from FieldConnect

Extend the Capacity of Sage with Field Service Management Solutions from FieldConnect

Managing a team of service technicians is one of the most complex operational tasks. The complications are especially compounded when a field service provider grows in size and reach. These challenges have historically been executed using primarily human labor. But the diverse variables in field service management require time and precision to mitigate unpredictable changes that occur frequently and at a moment’s notice. The management of these many components with human labor has been plagued with errors and inefficiencies—commonly resulting in miscommunications, delays, and incorrect or incomplete information.

But the technology to replace and enhance certain aspects of human labor has developed considerably. One of the most critical advancements in technology has been the development of Field Service Management (FSM) solutions. These software solutions have capitalized on the growth of permanently connected mobile devices and the rapid increase of communication they provide. FSM technology has been able to utilize these developments to manage mobile workforces and field service operations.

The striking growth of Field Service Management technology

Estimates have stated that the global FSM market will exceed a value of more than $5 billion by 2023—more than double its amount from 2017. Customer demands and the logistics of managing field service teams are growing and becoming more complex. Business leaders around the world are realizing and adapting the value of FSM software into their organizations.

The growth of cloud-based systems and the ubiquity of mobile device use has led to a development that makes FSM software a new standard. FSM has overhauled the way managers, service workers, back-office staff, and customers interact and communicate with one another. Studies have displayed that 89% of customers now expect modern technology from their technician scheduling.

It is clear that FSM solutions have created a demand for quality that field service management organizations must provide in order to remain competitive. And integration with legacy platforms is core to this progression. FSM can dramatically expand the function and reach of an organization’s current systems.

Software company Sage has been one of the industry’s forerunners for over three decades. They have been a market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems. Sage’s solutions manage accounting, HR, payroll, payments, assets, construction, real estate, and enterprise systems. They now work with millions of businesses in all types of industries around the world.

Sage Intacct and Sage 300 CRE have become powerful resources for various field service providers. Integrating with these tools is a pivotal way for FSM software to further expand its capabilities and support for field service management.

We use this article to examine how industry-leader FieldConnect can help your organization extend the capabilities of Sage using their solutions for FSM software.


A day in in the life of a technician is made far more fluid and productive using FieldConnect’s mobile solutions. FieldConnect solutions allow a customer to submit a service request through an online portal. Once the dispatch teams produce their assignment, the allocated technician can remotely view the job and complete the work order in the field.

The customer can provide a digital signature upon completion and then receives a digital notification when the transaction is completed. Upon completion, the technician’s timesheet is automatically updated.

Integrating to extend the capacities of Sage

Each of these actions in the Overview section occurs using the field service extension provided by FieldConnect, which is integrated with Sage’s service module and the ERP and accounting system. By integrating with the Sage Intacct Suite and Sage 300 CRE module, there is no longer any reason for your field service team to use outdated timesheet and work order workflows.

This integration with your Sage ERP and accounting system adds insights and efficiencies while eliminating duplicate data. Direct integration with Sage speeds up billing and simplifies the management of service to your customers.

By combining with the power of your legacy Sage systems, FieldConnect tools provide instant access to assigned jobs, history, and equipment to mobile workers. Your organization will also reduce or eliminate paperwork while improving workflows for more timely billing and easier payroll processing.

Additional solutions from FieldConnect to extend your Sage 300 CRE module

  • FieldAcess connects field workers and office staff with our electronic work order software. This minimizes the time between customer sign-ff and invoicing. FieldTime also simplifies technician time review with an integrated review and approval solution.
  • FieldConnect Offline integrates to complete electronic work orders even during times when there is no connectivity.
  • FieldGateway provides access to a modular portal for full web-enabled dispatching, planning, and scheduling. It will also allow instant access to job status and accurate tracking of field technician performance.
  • FieldDirect empowers your organization to win new and add-on business by providing your customers an online, self-service portal.
  • FieldQuotes is a remote quoting solution that permits field technicians and sales staff to instantly quote and close new and add-on business while face-to-face with the customer.

Further Resources

A leader in the field service industry for nearly two decades, FieldConnect has been developed to partner with the powerful solutions of Sage Intacct and Sage 300 CRE.

With a diverse suite of products, FieldConnet’s solutions offer the highest quality in innovation and protection. Secure and efficient cloud-based resources are coupled with the finest partnerships in the industry. This multifaceted approach ensures that their support will extend the capabilities of Sage to its maximum, creating new functionality and opportunity for your business and customers.

Schedule a demo with FieldConnect to begin learning how to extend your optimization of Sage for mobile field service solutions.

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