Dmitri Olney-Thorpe – Employee Spotlight

Name: Dmitri Olney-Thorpe 

Title: Dev Ops Manager 

Tenure at FieldConnect: 1 year and 3 months 

What is your role, in a nutshell?  I am responsible for our Cloud infrastructure. I make sure that our Cloud environment is always up and running for our customers…the five 9’s reliability factor. I also do research for additional technology that adds value to our solution from an infrastructure and support perspective. While my role is not generally customer-facing, I do help our customers that we are onboarding with Cloud deployments. I help address issues and questions around availability, security, optimization, and such. 

What is your current priority? I am currently focused on helping the Development Team with our roll-out of the next evolution of our field service management solution. We continue to optimize for Cloud deployments and we see a future where virtually all of our customers will leverage the Cloud for hosting their software infrastructure. One important step is to create a serverless Cloud environment. We’ll be able to add whatever capabilities they need, from both the FieldConnect portfolio, as well as other complementary functionality from other vendors, in a very straightforward manner. 

What his boss says. Dmitri reports to the CTO at FieldConnect who says, “Dmitri is a great resource, as his knowledge spans a broad swath of technology. He has the customers’ best interests in mind and helps many of them better understand the benefits of a Cloud deployment. For those customers that have concerns about having their solution off-site, Dmitri allays their fears and clearly demonstrates the processes and procedures that we have in place to make sure their FieldConnect solution is available, secure, and effective.” 

What does a typical weekend look like for you? Well, it consists of as much beach time as possible. Both my wife and I love the beach and chose to live as close to it as we could. We also love to spend time with our extended family that are local, which generally means catching up around my 8-year-old niece’s soccer games. We love to spend time with family and friends. That is very important to us. 

Something about you that no one would guess: I have been to six out of the seven continents and have visited over 50 countries. My wife and I love to travel and we have some favorite spots, for sure. Capri, an island off the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and Scotland come to mind. Capri for the sheer beauty and amazing food. Scotland is beautiful, too, and I love Scotch whisky, so it’s a great match! Our choice of travel destinations is governed by a very important rule – no mosquitos! 

Dmitri Photo