FieldConnect is not just in the business of selling technology. When your business invests in FieldConnect mobile workforce solutions, it gains an experienced partner with the know-how from hundreds of successful implementations.

Integration by Design

All FieldConnect products integrate directly with the target ERP or accounting system database. They don’t rely on periodic synchronizations, and they don’t stand alone requiring your team to “sneaker-net” or make manual data entries into your accounting systems. FieldConnect products let you keep track of work orders, inventory changes, and time entries all in the ERP system with real-time updates visible through both FieldConnect and the ERP client interface.

All FieldConnect solutions are Integrated by DesignTM. When your customer logs into FieldDirect to request service, the request is instantly available for the dispatcher or help desk to contact the customer and create a work order. When the dispatcher uses FieldDispatch from their mobile device to generate a work order, your office has instant access to the work order through the ERP. When your field technician uses FieldAccess to complete the work and get the customer’s signature, your back office has instant access to the work order detail and inventory changes for review and invoicing. Integrated by Design ensures that all your field service transactions appear in the ERP or accounting system database where your business needs them.
Available integrations:
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Sage300 CRE

  • Spectrum by Dexter & Chaney

  • Vista by Viewpoint

Implementation Process

Why do people resist change? Humans are creatures of habit, and fear of the unknown can be a major obstacle to the implementation of new technology. FieldConnect is not just in the business of selling technology. We’re expert at helping you and your team navigate a change to workforce automation in a positive and cost-effective manner. When your business invests in FieldConnect mobile workforce solutions, you gain an experienced partner with the know-how from hundreds of successful implementations. The FieldConnect set of best practices for deployment is the result of our many years of experience in the industry. Since 2002 – way before smartphones and connected tablets were around – we’ve been helping companies successfully roll out a mobile solution that is embraced by both field staff and back office employees. The implementation process is composed of a number of steps we take to ensure you get the most value from your FieldConnect system, including:

  • Understanding your workflows

    what do you need to bring over into the automated environment, and what will be changed and improved by the technology

  • Installing and connecting the software

    fine tuning and optimizing the software to operate efficiently and connect seamlessly to your ERP or accounting system.

  • Configuring your software

    FieldConnect systems are highly configurable, allowing the software to conform to how you want to run your business

  • Training

    making sure each stakeholder in the system knows how to use FieldConnect tools quickly and accurately. Additionally, we’re very focused on promoting acceptance and adoption by the various levels of technology aptitude and interest in your company.

  • Testing

    making sure that the configurations choices you’ve will operate smoothly in the “real world”

  • Going live

    now that we’re assured of success, FieldConnect is still on the job making sure your system is meeting the promise and producing results. Our implementation professionals are equipped to handle even the most complex projects, helping you solve problems and create opportunities through the power of mobility. We are not consultants and will not nickel-and-dime you with consultation fees. When you choose FieldConnect you’re buying a partner – we’ll be there to see the project through and continue to be your field mobility partner as your business grows.

Support Plans

For any business-critical software, access to quality technical support is a critical component of the overall solution. FieldConnect’s comprehensive support plans allow you to realize maximum value from your mobility implementation. Our support team’s intimate knowledge of our solutions, as well as the underlying ERP system, ensures that your mobility solution will operate optimally as you grow and streamline your business. To meet the individual needs and budgets of our customers, we offer both Standard and Premium support plans.

What People Say About Us

Our biggest source of pride at FieldConnect is our customer focus and support. An important part of our team is the strong group of customers who are our best advocates – and word of mouth sales force…

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